Jessica (aka Rosie) is a self-taught crocheter from Australia. She loves colour and the special uniqueness of something handmade. She uses high-quality materials, creating items that will be cherished for years, and years to come. 


We generally use high-quality acrylic or acrylic blend yarn for our crocheting projects. We do this for a few reasons. Firstly, some people have allergies or sensitivities to wool or wool-blend fibres making acrylic bases a safer choice. Secondly washing, hand-washing really is the pits!! And keeping in mind we make a lot of baby blankets and baby items we use blends that can be machine washed, making all those mumma’s happy.    

However, if you are interested in a pure wool yarn please just reach out! We can custom make, almost anything 🙂 

Packaging / Goodness

 We love the environment and encourage little steps to help this special friend out 

– All of our orders are packed using recyclable materials 

– All of our orders are shipped in hero packaging compostable mailing bags 

– We plant trees! Your orders contribute to donations to the Australian Koala Foundation who plant trees as part of their dedication to save the koalas 

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